Deacon Board

The deacons are chosen from among the congregation to “serve the church in the practical, spiritual, and temporal matters of the body of believers. The Deacon’s Ministry provides service to the congregation, supports the Bishop and associate pastors, supports the vision of the ministry, and participates in other ministries within the church and special events or functions the church presents. They serve as armor bearers when needed. I Timothy 3:8-13


Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry exists to provide spiritual support to the godly education and counsel of the children at UCFI while supporting parents in this area. The Children’s Church is primarily designed to service, train and inspire the children of the adults in the congregation. Our vision is to do so in a dynamic and creative fashion that will distinguish UCFI as providing one of the most excellent Children’s Church experiences on this planet.



These volunteers are trained to evangelize in the Virginia, Maryland, DC area for Christ. As a ministering arm of the church, teams identify and implement needed services that will meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community. Sponsored events are scheduled to teach life skills and provide training for economic empowerment, physical health and spiritual growth.


Usher Board

The purpose and function of the Ushers’ Ministry is to meet, greet and seat the parishioners as they enter the sanctuary. The Usher’s Ministry is an extension of God’s hands to the people. The Ministry of ushering is a personal representation of Jesus Christ who meets people on a person-to-person basis when they first arrive at UCFI. The ushers serve many roles: watchmen, servants, disciplinarians and host, just to name a few.


Men's Ministry (G.I.F.T.E.D.)

This army of mighty men are purposed to set up discipleship programs to include men’s Bible Study groups, prayer groups and various other spiritual growth initiatives; develop and implement workshops to assist men in becoming spiritually, economically, and financially empowered; increase men in joining and working in other ministries within the church; build a strong bridge between the UCFI youth and our men; leverage all of the resources and expertise within the Men’s Ministry membership to manifest the successful launching of a multicultural army of New Testament believing men to go into the enemy’s camp and take back what was stolen from us.


Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry crosses economic status, education, age, racial, and cultural barriers to get to the heart of the matter. Although we are unique individuals, collectively we are one in the Spirit of God. Woman to Woman, Sister to Sister, Heart to Heart, we endeavor to promote growth spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally among the women and provide mentorship. Ultimately, we seek to bring fruition and wholeness in our lives and in the lives of those who encounter us.


Christian Education

Our classes are intended to offer personal enrichment with a hands-on practical application of classroom instruction. Our mission is to develop a disciple’s character in knowledge and understanding of Godly life principles through applied teaching for the betterment of their community, family and personal life, that God’s kingdom be established on earth.


Hospitality Ministry

The members of this ministry are a dedicated group committed to all aspects of welcoming guests from the moment they enter the building until they are safely to their destination. People who have the gifts and graces to express social warmth, who have an honest smile, heartfelt handshake, and a sincere “Good Morning/Good Evening” are always needed to assist in this very worthwhile ministry.


Singles Ministry (S.A.I.L.)

Our mission is to foster a passion for an intimate relationship with Christ; equip singles to solely rely on the Lord for purpose, completeness, and wholeness; foster healthy relationships; share God's truth about a consecrated life and the responsibilities of Christian living so that it may be applied to the everyday lives of singles. One of our Goals is to reach out to the churched and un-churched in order to foster positive Christian relationships. We want to reach out to the local community, and to participate in fellowshipping events that will encourage spiritual growth and total dependence on Christ.


Administration Dept.

The Administration Staff works diligently behind the scenes to help spread the Gospel message worldwide. Whatever task, small or great, all professional ministry technicians labor together to create a total worship experience that is unique, inspiring and life changing.


Public Relations

The Public Relations Ministry is responsible for the marketing efforts of the ministry including public relations, web page, advertising in print, radio, and television. Provides audio, video, and photographic support during worship services and special events


Music Ministry

The Music Ministry of UCFI is a body of believers who have answered the clarion call to minister through anointed music. These groups of psalmists, musicians, and worship leaders have dedicated their lives to ushering God’s people beyond the veil into the presence of His Majesty. An added sacrifice of praise is the Praise Dance Ministry which serves to express the Word of God through an assortment of Gospel and Christian music to promote Christian unity by edifying, proclaiming, honoring, and glorifying the Lord through the praise dance and mime with the spirit of excellence.